Unwalkable is a silly physics based open-ended puzzle platformer where you control a wobbly character. Your goal is to progress through puzzles by manipulating items within your environment. Remember, there isn't always one way to solve these puzzles. Use your imagination and ingenuity to create solutions to unthinkable problems.

You control a physically based character. Control the limbs to grab, pull and push to interact with objects in the world.

Try walking like a normal human before running!

Features Captain Duck:

Game Features

  • Interact with a variety of switches, buttons and objects in the world.
  • Physically based control for all the characters.
  • Find and interact with a variety of animals.
  • Solve puzzles in multiple ways.
  • Replay levels with upgraded characters.
+ More to be announced

Categories: Adventure, Strategy, Casual, Indie
macOS PC
Release Date: Feb 1, 2022
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