Turk-A-Lurk is a 2D Metroidvania with precision platforming.
Explore a large open world with 5 unique biomes to explore.
Over 100 collectables to be found.
Fight and conquer bosses.
Multiple upgrades to unlock allowing new areas to be reached.
Over 20 timed bonus levels to test your skills in and compete on leader boards.
Full original soundtrack.
Indie developed game.
Hand pixeled art.

A simple turkey is sometimes all you need. It will take some effort and friends to save the farmer and free the magic back into the land, but you are up for it! Take yourself on the journey in this peaceful 2D poultry platformer. Meet different characters and gain new abilities on your journey across the lands. Test the skills you've gained in the bonus levels to compete. Turk-A-Lurk is a pixel platformer with peaceful and relaxing graphics, enjoy it at blazing speeds or go slowly at your own pace!

Categories: Adventure, Casual, Indie
Linux macOS PC
Release Date: Dec 31, 2021
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