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"Peculiar Tales of Mid-Lake Pavilioni" is a collection of five short word games produced by Zhi Yi.
Subjects include ghost stories, urban legends, sci-fi suspense, warm love, etc.

【Midsummer Night·Last Train】
"I" who is confused about the future, stays away from parents who keep arguing and wanders on the streets all day.
Should have been sitting on the last subway that day, going home as usual.
Unexpectedly, I encountered an unexpected accident...
On the last midsummer night of high school, the reunion of boys and girls.
The observed future--

【Ghost Tower】
"Under the mysterious ancient pagoda are buried treasures from the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom era."
The protagonist Beichuan strayed into the ghost tower by chance.
Entangled by ghosts, he was rescued by a Taoist priest at a critical moment.
But since then it became possible to see things that shouldn't exist in the world.
The truth of this curse is...?

The protagonist wakes up and finds that he is imprisoned in a dark iron box.
With a splitting headache, he received a call.
"Call in half an hour to get enough for two million, or I'll crush you."
He who was told so.
Picked up the phone by his side and began his journey to survive ......

[Mirror Room]
The protagonist is poor and lives in a rumored murder house.
On a rainy night, the protagonist's college roommate comes to stay with him.
Mirrored hallucinations, inner entanglements.
Disgusting memories of the past make the atmosphere gradually become spooky ......

【Xiangsi Bridge】
This is a remake of special chapter of “The Adventure of Fei Duanmu” with new artwork and dubbing!
The story takes place in the ancient city of Gusu, Pingjiang Road.
It is about the first encounter between the popular heroine Jin Liu and Fei Duanmu.
Heavenly water town, warm story. Heal your heart.

Categories: Casual, Indie
Linux macOS PC
Release Date: Dec 31, 2021
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