Tired of Sudoku ? Looking for a new puzzle ? Parks is a simple game, with simple rules, that challenges spatial and logical thinking.

The sequel to Parks Seasons, Parks Landscapes and 100 Logic Games. Now with 120.000 levels, two themes to pick and a 3-threes extremely hard section !

For the 700 year anniversary of Dante Alighieri, Parks becomes a Divine Commedy. The Wood burns down in an Inferno of flames, but will grow again from the seeds of Purgatory and flourish in a Paradise of Trees.

Of course, if you feel less classical and more relaxed, we have time travel available, which will bring you to beautiful Beaches, Mountains and Deserts...

Three Game modes:

- Infinity mode gives you a new level every time...forever ;-)

- When you're ready, take the Time Trial to solve a number of levels in a certain time and with some conditions ! Passing the Trial will unlock harder levels and Browse mode

- Browse mode, where you can pick any of the thousands of levels in any order and play by Night, to earn more points, if you like a challenge

Release Date: Jul 9, 2021
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