Lead an army of gifted female warriors against nightmarish creatures, as they sacrifice everything to push the darkness back. Experience the ultimate tactical challenge in a shattered world behind the mirror of our reality.
Key Features
Breaking the turn-based standard: Introducing the Initiative Sequence(™) system, players will experience a new way to predict enemies' moves and put the perfect plan in place in response. Using interrupts or delayed actions and reactions, players will have to wisely manipulate the sequence order, deciding when to change from defensive play to offensive to overcome their adversaries.
Punitive gameplay: With no cover, no healing and permadeath, players always have tough choices to make and each decision comes with a sacrifice, of resources, or in blood!
Striking art style: Using only black, white and some touches of vivid red, Othercide invites players to dive into an ethereal horror dimension between conscious and unconscious.
Replayability: Survive, protect your ground and defend reality, your task won't be easy, as players' will face ruthless creatures that constantly try to push through breaches into our reality.

Categories: Strategy, Indie
Xbox One PC
Release Date: Jul 28, 2020
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