Match 3D Cube is a FREE, challenging and original matching triple 3D objects game in a cube. Different from the other 3 matching games, Match 3D Cube provides you a new way to find & match! Simply find and connect three identical objects till all cubes is completely cleaned. Simple rules and straightforward gameplay make it easy to pick up for everyone, online or offline. Rotate the cubes in all directions if you couldn't find the right 3D objects.


Original matching triple 3D objects cube game:
If you like Match 3 game, you can't miss this challenging & free game.
In this 3D matching game, you'll definitely get totally different viewing angles by rotating the big cube!

Shiny 3D visual effects and objects:
Every level of Match 3D Cube will give you an enjoyable fun experience of matching 3D objects on your mobile. Shiny of animals, sweet yummy food, school items, household objects, emojis, and many more exciting type levels to unlock by simply matching triples!

Challenge trainer levels for your brain:
We are happy to tell you that our puzzle game will make it easier for you to memorize objects and small details by playing our brain trainer levels, you will start to notice your that memorizing abilities getting better with time.

Pause it whenever you want:
You are able to pause whenever you want, and you could get back to matching 3D objects anytime you want. Enjoy it anytime, anywhere.

Cute animals, sweet yummy food, cool toys, exciting emojis, and much more stuff to puzzle out.
Auto-save game to continue from where you left off.

How To Play Match 3D Cube:
- Simply find and connect three identical cubes till all your cubes is completely cleaned.
- Unlock hundreds of 3D objects level by level as your reward.
- Sharpen your senses, search carefully and find the matching triples in a mountain of cubes before the time runs out!
- Pause when you need to leave, and continue anytime with the auto-saving system.

This match tripple 3D game is fun and challenging puzzle game that anyone, starter or master, can enjoy! Gameplay is very simple to start but hard to master. Tons of users are having fun for hours everyday!
Match 3D Cube will provide you hours of fun on your mobile phone!

Categories: Board Games, Casual
Release Date: Nov 2, 2021
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