This is a fangame remaking the opening dungeon of the indie RPG series "Master of the Wind" (by Volrath and Artbane of Solest Games).

The story takes place in the fantasy world of Solest and begins by following two individuals who take on masked personas to fight crime. Çade Mistral, a human wind mage who goes by the hero name "Shroud," and Bones, a duel-wielding skeleton who goes by the name "Stoic." Together they protect their home town Port Arianna from evil-doers. One of their frequent enemies is a vampire named Andau, who runs around preying upon the blood of innocent girls.

This fan-remake covers the opening section of Arc I, in which Shroud and Stoic chase Andau into an abandoned fort and try to defeat and capture him.

The original game series was made in RPG Maker XP and featured turn-based combat and classic top-down 2D movement and dungeon-design. The opening has been remade into a fully-3D game in Unreal Engine 4. The combat takes elements from the original game and transforms it into a real-time action combat system more similar to modern RPGs.

While the game can be played with a mouse and keyboard, it is highly recommended that you play with a controller if you have one as that is what the game was primarily designed around. You can change the UI to match the control-type (Playstation, Xbox, or Mouse and Keyboard) in the "Options" menu.


Estimated Playtime Length: 15-30 minutes


Voice Cast:

Shroud: Chris (LoststeamVAA)

Stoic: William Chan (Biru)

Andau: André Persson (VActorDreamer)

Fairy: Kelly Peterson (Kowabungakelly)


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Categories: RPG
macOS PC
Release Date: Jan 3, 2022
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