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Just Survival - The Zombie Awakening is a Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Survival Massively Multiplayer Online Player Game developed and published by Awakening Games Entertainment. This survival game, immerses you in a Zombie Apocalypse Canadian Country where humanity is fighting endlessly & teaming up to take back control of the infected zombie hordes!

This is the BETA Release only! Not an Official Game What can you expect with our Early Access game?!
- Free To Explore & Fight Zombies in the Online Open World "Just Survival Mode Only"
- We're Allowing access for Players to the centre of the map, 5 Square km Map with Highly Detailed Cities, Towns, Villages & Farms to Fight Against Zombies & Players Online.
- Extreme high quality Guns, Axes & Knives to use & loot.
- Looting Items, Using Abandoned homes & structures to help defend you & your team.
- Beautiful Unique Landscapes with Mountains, Rivers, Roads, Bridges, Forests & Different Animals for Hunting.
- Custom Character Creation Screen

We thank you for your support while we work on the game project!!

THE EXCITING GAME FEATURES BELOW will be in the Official Game Release which is still undetermined but we are working hard everyday!

SURVIVAL - The great mysterious zombie outbreak has recently passed, but 2 months later the undead hordes still infest the land in considerable numbers. Zombies hunt in pacts by night & are more scattered in the day. Stay alert and quiet to avoid attracting them, and be prepared to either run or fight for your life at a moment’s notice.

MATERIALS - Possessions are worth more then gold in this post apocalypse zombie world, scavenge for supplies, trade with friends, craft items, and build self sustaining off-grid style bases to rest & protect against dangers, both the infected & the living, you never know what may lurk around every corner!

CRAFTING - Gathering raw materials & supplies is a important part of crafting. Axes, pickaxes, and crowbars allow you to harvest the various trees, rocks, and vehicles scattered around the world. You should collect what you can, when you’re not actively fending off threats.

TAKE BACK CONTROL - The first step in re-establishing society is to solidify a foothold in the struggle against the undead, and you can help by building a Off Grid Base. Each location has unique advantages, so it’s wise to explore the map before making a commitment to a specific area.

COORDINATE - Those that want to travel safely, access contested locations, and successfully defend their BASE will want to work in groups with other players.

QUESTING - This feature will be added with the evolution of the game, you will get to discover clues & uncover the many questions you have after waking up from a coma, we have a great Story line of a lifetime with the official game release but that is still undetermined.

Are you ready for the awakening zombie apocalypse?! Do you have what it takes to thrive not Just survive!?!

Thank you & happy survival!
Awakening Games Entertainment

Release Date: Dec 22, 2021
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