Into the Waves is a visual novel where you play as a barkeeper Morin, a young man with a mysterious past. Chat with customers, immerse yourself in their stories and meet the mysterious Wanda, a red-haired beauty. She's the only one Morin doesn't see as a loathsome black bubble...

"Every time I look at the ocean, I realize that one day my soul will return there."


Interact with customers and mix cocktails in mini-games. Or send them away so you could once again wipe down wineglasses and gaze upon the sea beyond the window... And, of course, try to learn the secret of the curse.

Go on dates and learn more about the world around you. After all, the sea is just outside your window, and is there any place more romantic than a seaside tavern?

You can expect:

  • Four endings. Morin's journey can turn out to be quite different, and it's all up to you! Explore the world of Into the Waves for 35 minutes or 2 hours.
  • Animated sprites
  • Original soundtrack that creates a magical atmosphere
  • Small details that add to the bigger picture

Categories: Adventure, Casual, Indie
Linux macOS PC
Release Date: Dec 30, 2021
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