Let's start the Galaxity journey with the only avatar that I can decorate however I want!
My avatar that expresses me is created with various products in the store.
From the face to the outfit, it's filled with my taste.
I meet my friends from all over the world with my own avatar.
Arrived from a new place to a new look, this place will probably be our own world!

Meeting Seoul with Galaxity

Shall we go on a trip to major areas of Seoul?
From Myeong-dong to Gwangjang Market, Gyeongbokgung Palace, N Seoul Tower, and Cheonggyecheon Stream!
Friends from all over the world who meet at new destinations are full of welcome excitement from meeting!
At a playground called Galaxity Seoul, where we meet for the first time,
Let's all have an exciting and happy time together.

Mini games to enjoy at attractions in Seoul.

Shall we enjoy various mini games prepared by Galaxity Korea?

[Tycon] Get orders from customers at a snack bar set up in the plaza market and quickly prepare food.
The only thing to solve the increasing number of orders as the game progresses is speed!

[Rhythm] In Cheonggyecheon Stream, you can break the flying block as if you were doing Taekwondo to exciting music.
The blocks that get faster and faster when accurate movements and my sense of rhythm are combined, too! There is no problem.

[FPS] Shall we become warriors protecting Gyeongbokgung Palace?
Save Gyeongbokgung Palace, which is in danger from zombies' attacks.
You can defeat zombies running with double pistols and prepared secret weapons in both hands.
The more dangerous zombies play the game, the more dangerous zombies will threaten Gyeongbokgung Palace, so don't let your guard down!

[Arcade] At Seoul Tower, find a magpie narrowly located on a high-altitude pipe.
If you take each step carefully and safely go to the magpie's nest, you succeed!
The obstacles installed here and there make the road to the nest more thrilling and exciting.
Can we safely save magpies beyond obstacles without falling off the pipe?

When you enjoy the mini-games held at the landmark of Seoul, Korea is already in your hands!

New friends from Myeong-dong, the center of Seoul.

Shall we make new friends in a new space?
Meet various friends while talking together and having an exciting time in the square called Myeong-dong.
Did you meet your soulmate?
Then, let's be a friend with him or her and leave on the journey of Galaxity Seoul together.
If we're together, we also have double pleasure!
If we communicate and enjoy with so many friends from all over the world, Myeong-dong will soon become our own playground.

Make memories with your friends in Galaxity Seoul and be hooked on mini-games. Then, we and Seoul will get closer!
Seoul become amusement park open to everyone.

Release Date: Dec 20, 2021
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