Doriano, the protagonist,  is stranded on this unknown island with his captain and the rest of his crew. The ship has been broken with the storm they faced and now your task is to help finding the remaining resources to repair it and continue with their journey.


Keyboard/Mouse - WASD to move, Mouse to look, SPACE to jump, LMB to interact and attack

Controller - L analog to move, R analog to look, X/A button to jump, O/B to interact and attack

Project Details:

Doriano is a 4-week demo made by Guilherme Gama for the Digital Games' curricular unit integrated into the Master of Multimedia, in FEUP.

All the gameplay and game scripts were implemented from scratch by the developer, featuring some built-in and external packages like: Cinemachine, New Input System, TextMeshPro, Timeline, DOT Tween. For the visuals the Universal Pipeline Shader Graph and VFX Graph packages were used.

External 3D Models:

  • Island and vegetation - Fantasy Adventure Environment (Asset)
  • Character Base Mesh - Nabbakadnashr (Sketchfab)
  • Enemy Base Mesh - Burrow Cute Seires (Asset)
  • Boat Base Mesh - Bjarne Stokhof (Sketchfab)

External Animations:

  • Player Animations - Mixamo & The Explorer Kit

External Fonts:

  • Main Font -Candy Beans (Chequered Ink)

External Songs:

  • Credits Song - Acoustic Breeze (
  • Main Song - Brazillian Bossa Galore (Eddie Hughes)

Name: Guilherme S. Gama
City: Porto, Portugal 
E-mail: [email protected]

Categories: Adventure, Platformer
Linux PC
Release Date: Dec 29, 2021
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