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  • How to build an automatic wool farm in Hardcore Minecraft - Easy Beginners Guide
by Keiser 2 years ago
Categories: Action, Adventure, Simulation
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In this article of my beginners guide, I will show you how to build a super simple, yet effective and automatic wool farm in Hardcore Minecraft.

The steps to build

  • Start by selecting a block where the sheep will stand. Then dig out the hole behind it. and place an observer in the hole facing that block. The observer will detect the state changes in the block the sheep stands on, meaning it will detect when the grass turns to dirt and vice versa. Once the observer detects that change it will send a signal to the dispenser, which is loaded with a pair of shears. If the sheep can be sheared, it will be sheared. Otherwise, nothing will happen until the next signal is sent from the observer.
  • Now place a dispenser facing the same way and enclose that dirt block to keep the sheep from escaping. I like to use glass, as it makes it look a little nicer and cleaner.
  • Now place a piece of Redstone dust behind the dispenser. this will link the signal from the observer to the dispenser.
  • I just set up a simple rail system with a powered rail at each end with a hopper going into a chest.
  • This is the amount of wool I got from only 3 farms and each dispenser only had a single pair of shears in it. As you can see this is a very effective and relatively cheap wool farm.

The observer

The dispenser

The cage