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  • How to build an automatic sugarcane farm in Hardcore Minecraft - Easy Beginners Guide
by Keiser 2 years ago
Categories: Action, Adventure, Simulation
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In this article of my beginners guide, I will show you how to build a simple sugarcane farm. A component used to make books and bookshelves and then used with an enchanting.

  • Let's start with the farm, dig out a trench of 10 blocks.
  •  Place your pistons facing towards the trench.
  • Place your observers facing the same way.
  • Place a row of building blocks behind the pistons and place a row of Redstone dust on top of it to connect it all together so all pistons will fire at the same time.
  • Now dig another trench 2 blocks deep right below the pistons.
  • Fill it with water and then cover it back up with a layer of dirt.
  • Plant your sugarcane and then box up the outside of the farm. I personally like to use glass as it makes it look a lot better and easier to see what is happening inside the farm.
  • The automatic collection system: In this case, it's very simple and for each cart, there is a powered rail on each end, which is powered by a Redstone torch.
  • On this side, we have some chests with a hopper going into it and this hopper collects the sugarcane from inside the minecart.


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