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  • How to build an automatic kelp farm in Hardcore Minecraft - Easy Beginners Guide
by Keiser 2 years ago
Categories: Action, Adventure, Simulation
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In this article of my beginners guide, I will show you how to build an automatic kelp farm Hardcore Minecraft. 

The materials needed

Steps to create

  • Place your pistons next to each other in a row.
  • Place your observers on top of the pistons, facing the same way.
  • Place a row of solid blocks behind the pistons with a line of Redstone dust on top of it.
  • Enclose the sides with building blocks and replace the dirt floor with some more solid blocks.
  • Place a row of temporary block inline with the pistons and fill the row in front of the observers with water.
  • Place a row of building blocks one block away from the edge of the water to create another trench.
  • Enclose the trench and fill it with water.
  • Please watch the YouTube clip below for instructions on how to set up the collection point.

The pistons

The observers