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by Keiser 2 years ago
Categories: Action, Adventure, Simulation
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In this article of my beginners guide, I will show you how to build a real starter house in Minecraft survival, and by starter house, I mean something you can build using simple wood or stone tools.

The build I will be showing you took around 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete and that includes the time spent to gather all the required resources. I will be showing you some resource amounts needed, but the exact amounts will differ depending on the level of decoration you want to do.

The Materials


  • Build your foundation by placing a 7 x 7 square using stone blocks.
  • Now you can create the pillars using logs and place them diagonally from the cornerstones and build them 6 blocks high.
  • Once the pillars are complete connect them on the top layer using more logs facing horizontally.
  • Complete your floor by placing a layer of woodblocks.
  • Build your walls and leave enough gaps for windows.
  • Complete the roof by placing a row of stone slabs around the outside of the log framework. Then use your dark wood slabs to build the roof up towards the middle.
  • Place the dirt for the flower boxes around the outside house. With a starter house, you won't have silk touch tools yet, so you need to connect these dirt blocks to the grass on the bottom, so the grass can spread to the top over time. Unfortunately, this could be a lengthy process.

The Foundation

The Pillars