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  • How to build a skeleton farm in Hardcore Minecraft - Easy Beginners Guide
by Keiser 2 years ago
Categories: Action, Adventure, Simulation
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In this episode of my beginners guide, I will show you how to build a simple skeleton farm in Hardcore Minecraft. 

The steps to build

  • The walls need to be at least 4 blocks away from the spawner. This will maximize the spawn rate and results.
  • The walls are 3 blocks away from the spawner by default. Start digging out the walls to create that extra space.
  • You will also have to drop the floor by 3 blocks, so once the skeletons spawn they can move freely underneath the spawner without getting stuck.
  • Pick a corner and dig 3-4 blocks down. This is to create your collection point.
  • Now dig a trench on the floor on the side of the collection point.
  • Fill the floor with water from the opposite side of the collection point.
  • Fill the trench with water flowing towards the collection point.
  • The collection point is basically just a chest with a hopper going into it.

The walls

The floor